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Ever played a team sport? Please take this survey on athlete communication. Thanks!!! (for my final school project!)-

Here’s a duo who present a very NSFW question for fellow “Lost” fans..

Incubus - Love Hurts ♫

Trying to raise 5,000 dollars in 24 hours for Learning Lab! No purchase necessary just sign up with iGive.. [PLEASE RT]

If anyone wants to get me a present, then look no further - Here is what I want :) -

Thinking about buying a bike, just for the whole around town gig. Any suggestions/recommendations on bikes, things to watch out for, etc.?

Very Cool. Thank you! - “Take That, Chevy Volt! Cal Poly Car Gets 2,752 MPG” -

As this blog slowly drifts to a place that actually has meaning and is not just the rants and raves of a student in Boise, I find that the real world seems to change with it. As I find purpose in…

ClickBank Releases New How-To Videos in Three European Languages - For full story read -

RT @DrakeCooper: Happy Holidays from Drake Cooper!

With yet another semester coming to a close, I am extremely looking forward to the one month break that is only days away. I have actually managed to finish up all my projects and papers, and only…

I discovered Tumblr quite some time ago when it was brand new. It was a site that I created an account for, and set up direct updating from Twitter, FaceBook, and my Blog. I then completely forgot…

***Today’s Question - What is your Favorite Public Relations related blog? I’m a big fan of PR 2.0 by Brian Solis -

New Blog post - “Tumbling back to Tumblr” -

San Diego - I miss you so much!!! Can’t wait to go back!

San Diego - I miss you so much!!! Can’t wait to go back!